Online Poker Tournament Tables Vs Real Money

Online and live poker are very similar in many ways. They both use a poker game download to participate in the game. They both allow you to place bids on cards and participate in virtual poker tournaments. But which is more fun? In this article we’ll compare the benefits of playing poker online versus playing in a live poker tournament.

One benefit of playing online is the quicker pace. On average, an online poker cash game or even a tournament is going to be a lot faster than a live poker game. For instance, an NL25 tournament going online would, on average, be ten times slower than most live NL200 tournaments. It may seem like speed to some but, if you think about it, the players in the NL 200 are all professionals who know how to play their cards and play the percentages. It’s much easier for them to win that way.

Another major difference between the two is the number of players and decks in each game. In a live poker game, there are generally around four to five players in each match. Online poker rooms have more players, which can create a much slower pace overall. Especially, with multi-table tournaments, where multiple tables are competing for the same jackpots.

The pace also depends on tell telling as well. In live games the action can’t be seen by anyone other than the players in the immediate tables. This means you won’t see whether or not your opponents are bluffing. In online games you can tell a great deal more about the competition and their betting behavior. For instance, you’ll often see players in multi-table tournaments using tells to fish for an early win.

Also with online games you don’t find live players to deal out tells. That means you can take advantage of timing tell strategy. You can use pre-flop bets to control pot sizes and keep the competition honest. You can also use bet size manipulation to control the amount of interest in a hand. For example, if you’re playing in multi-way Tournaments you can use the size of the pot to take control. There’s even some live poker professionals who play in large multi-day tournaments using only bet sizes.

Another big difference is the type of players you find in cash games vs. live games. While most tournament players are professional full-time poker players, in cash games you typically find players that are just starting to play poker or that are brand new to the table. They may not have the best experience in live games, but they have a lot less experience with the rules and the rapid pace of the action in cash games. In fact, many times these newer players have no idea how to play poker at all!

The second big difference between online poker players and actual hands is the type of playing environment. With live opponents you usually have an opportunity to test each other’s playing skills, to see how strong their hands are and to see what their strategy might be. This is not the case with online opponents. There are no players to gauge your strength against and no opportunity to work on your weaknesses. Your biggest opponents are the unknown factors such as race, level of competition and whether you’ve dealt with certain players before.

There are no differences that would be major enough to change the overall benefits of either online poker tournaments or real money play. However, by knowing these two differences you can have more success in either one of them, by learning how to use the differences to your advantage. In cash games your weak areas are tested with larger pots than in tournament tables, because the size of the pot is larger in cash games. Your strong areas are tested with smaller pots in cash games, because the size of the pot is lower in cash games.